Saturday, October 23, 2010


Officially Mr & Mrs Luar

Finally our long awaited day has come and it can be considered as quite a success.. Seems like our guests had enjoyed the event quite a lot!

Some comments on our vendors for ROM:

1950 Photography (by Yong How)

One WORD.. Fantastic! Our guests are quiet and sun are glaring but we feel that he had done a good job althu we have yet to c the pics..hehe.. He had worked well with Sam from Vocare. We shall post some of his pictures after we gotten our pictures in 1 mth time...

Strongly recommended - 85% (balance to be graded upon collection of our final product)

Vocare Media (by Sam)

Lots of creative, funny, relaxing ideas to make us less tense and are very encouraging.. He is able to have short chats with guests and make them more open and fun..

Strongly recommended - 85% (balance to be graded upon collection of our final product)

Singapore Flyer VIP Lounge - Megu Events

Sad to say.. it's of Bad coordination, service, attitude of staff..realli disappointing.. althu guests do not get to know about the hiccups but we are not pleased with it.

Do not recommend - 40%

Bluebay Wedding

Perfect gown that goes well with our themed wedding in blue and white. Good staff attitude where they actually helped me with re-adjusting the gown and make it be fitter even without appointment made. Thumbs up for Maggie, Greentea and Keika..

Strong recommended - 90%


Nice, lovely nails extension done by Kai Kai from Nailguru located at Ang Mo Kio Ave 3 Blk 233.. Can call her at 91917367 to make an appointment before heading over!

And it's reasonably priced and it's super lasting.. till now it's stil intact as if it's new ones..

Strongly recommended - 90%

Pine Garden

Outlook of the cake looks eactly wad we wanted and requested.. however, there's a few pointers to note.. cream are quite thick and glass base fails to be delivered,

Other than that the cake is nice!!

Recommended - 80%


Yummy yummy mini cuppies reasonably priced nicely placed in tiers without extra charges.. however, top cream seems to melt quite easily

Recommended - 85%

85 Flowers

Solemnisation centrepiece is nice but hand bouquet lilies seems withered..Maybe lilies are not suitable for outdoor usage? not v clear about this. Well.. think flowers not much use le.. seldom hold it for pics taking also.. hehe..

Recommended - 75%

Pretty Box - Friennie

Very nice and pretty MUA.. Always believe in pretty ppl be able to make ppl look pretty as well..hehe.. Love her make up but not so much on the hairdo althu everyone commented that its nice..well.. different flowers mit different ppl eyes.. ahhaaaa

Recommended - 85%

Decoration - Charlotte's Planning

Full of love in all the plannings and decorations set up including photobooth and dessert counter.. Believed that all our guests felt LOVED and HAPPY that day!

Strongly Recommended - 100% (hahahahahhahaa)

SOme pics taken by Xue Hui and Vincent Luar (Also a professional PG)

==The Dolling Process.. about 2 hours==

==We are READY!!==

==The helpful staff at BLUEBAY WEDDING==

==Arrival at SG FLYER==

==Outdoor Solemnisation Setup==

==Solemnisation Centrepiece by 85 Flowers==

==Super good helpers gang==

==Blue and White==

==Charlotte's Planning DIY frame==

==Charlotte's Planning DIY==

==Food for the day==

==Cutie cartoon drawn by a friend==

==Phototaking with GUESTS==

==Guests enjoying props at Photobooth==

==Start of Solemnisation==

==Announced Husband & Wife==

==Cake Cutting==

==Thank you Speech==

==Ending PS ideas by PG & VG==

==Night shoots at SG Flyer==

==Final Pics with Helpers==

Thats all for now! Will post more when we got it from Yong How!